Thank you for visiting! Do you remember receiving a birthday card from your Grandma with a $1 bill inside? Those wonderful ladies and that simple act serve as our inspiration!

Our mission is to help you send love and happiness to awesome people and for you to have fun doing it.

If you want to improve the way you recognize birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries, family additions, and other momentous occasions you're in the right spot. Most people resort to a standard greeting card, which is way too much work! You no longer need to drive to the store, spend 20 minutes walking up and down the card isle, bending over, squatting down, trying to remember where you pulled the card from so you can put it back when you don't like it, and top off the whole experience with a scavenger hunt for the last stamp in your home.

We are better than greeting cards! Join Grandma's family.

Be unique. Send unique.

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